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Recent Accolades



The Container Store

Carrier of the Year 2017

Great West Casualty

Five National Platinum, Three Gold & Three Silver Safety Awards

2007 - 2017

Lowe's Platinum Carrier Award 2010

Texas Trucking Assn. (TXTA)

Safety Carrier of the Year

Local  5M-10M Miles


Conagra Mills Regional Van Carrier of the Year 2011 Certificate of Appreciation 2013

BNSF Railway Safest Intermodal Trucker, Southeast Region 2007


We were founded by one of the true gentlemen in Texas trucking, Ira Jones...


who after almost a career as a corporate trucking executive, started his own company from scratch with one small investor, a volunteer bookkeeper and an idea.  Taking advantage of the pre-deregulation environment that existed before 1980,  Ira put together a small package service and pool distribution operation that between 1967 when he started and 1979 when he sold, provided a new cost savings tool for mostly national retailers burdened with small shipments going long distances.  Years later, Ira admitted that his only real mistake was getting out too soon.  Retiring at 60, he clearly missed the people and the daily challenges of competing in an industry that he knew, that he loved, and where he left a mark.


Purchasing Southwest Freight Distributors was Terry Kelley, a highly successful, young Dallas banker who saw great potential in the company, and wanted to see what it was like to be on the other side of a note payment.  Terry recognized early on that the company needed to diversify.  He added warehousing to the mix and began to take a look at the new rail intermodal phenomenon that was bringing steamship containers inland from west coast ports.  As it turned out, intermodal drayage and the services related to it have been the main focus for the company since the millenium.


Retaining ownership, Terry returned to banking in 1983, leaving day-to-day operations to Rich Eberhart and Bob Luchsinger.  He sold to the two in 1988.  Bob retired in 2008, with CFO John Jenkins joining Rich in purchasing Bob’s portion of the business.


Through half a century of ups and downs, successes and hiccups, changes in culture and technology, Southwest Freight has endured and excelled.  From Ira Jones on, the emphasis has always been on the employee, the customer, and providing a service that is reliable and safe.  It’s worked.

Evergreen America  Trucking Company of the Year, Gulf Region 2006

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